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Dental Fillings

The purpose of a dental fillings is to restore function and strength to a missing part of their tooth

Fillings can be applicable in many scenarios. If a tooth has decayed by bacteria, the tooth will be treated for removing any decay and afterwards the removed portion of the tooth will be “filled”. Fillings also apply to cracked, broken or worn-down teeth due to grinding or acid wear.

Typically, Dr. Lobb will see signs of decay on the tooth such as brown or black spots, visible signs on an X-ray image or if the patient has pain in their tooth.

Dr. Lobb provides two different types of fillings: 

  • Composites – Often a mixture of a plastic and ceramic these fillings are matched to the colour of your teeth, looking more natural.
  • Porcelains – Porcelain Fillings are custom made in the dental lab to match your tooth shape and colour and then bonded to your tooth.

    Porcelain tend to cost more than Composites but last longer.


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