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Dental Crowns


A crown, or often referred to as the “tooth’s helmet”, is a tooth-shaped cap that is placed on a damaged tooth. A crown is used to strengthen the tooth and protect your tooth structure. The crown is either cemented on or bonded and is not removable.

A crown is ideal for people with broken teeth or large cavities

Different Types of Crowns

Dr. Lobb does the following type of crowns:

  • Ceramic Crowns
    • Porcelain-based Crowns are often material that is used to restore front teeth due to the colour blending of natural teeth. The porcelain material may be brittle under heavy biting and can be highly resistant to wear.
    • Zirconia Crowns is a type of ceramic, but it is stronger and more durable than porcelain and tend to cause less stress and damage to the tooth it sits on as opposed to its Porcelain counterpart.
  • Gold Alloys – Gold alloys are comprised of gold and other metals that provides a strong material to the top of the tooth structure. Gold is resistant to wear and fracture and does not wear away the teeth it meets. In addition, gold crowns are highly biocompatible.

When are Dental Crowns used?

  • As part of a cosmetic dentistry procedure to restore the alignment and the appearance of the teeth.

  • As finishing touches for dental implants

  • When a large section is removed from a tooth due to cavities and is replaced with fillings

  • As a cap to cover teeth that are badly discoloured, misshaped, damaged, or broken in two and need to be held together.
  • As a covering for a tooth that has been worn down from teeth grinding or clenching

  • To fill the gaps between teeth to give a more even appearance of a dental structure.

  • After a root canal procedure

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