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Preventative Dentistry 

It is always better to prevent a dental problem than to have to fix a problem. 

Keeping our mouths clean and presentable not only helps us look our best, it can also prevent oral problems and systemic problems. Chronic inflammation associated to untreated gum disease , infections that lead to loss of bone mass. Oral cancers can come from excessive alcohol use, tobacco, diabetes, or periodontal (gum) disease. 

Routine dental checkups are not only vital for great oral hygiene but are the best way to detect any problems or concerns. It is recommended that most adults and children come for two annual “check-up” visits. Early detection and treatment saves unnecessary discomfort, time, and money. 


Preventative Dentistry helps to avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more. The combination of daily oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups are the most ideal combination for your teeth. Please see the below services that Dr. Lobb and the Lobb Dental Team provide. 

Our Preventative Dentistry Services

Professional Teeth and Gum Cleaning and Dental Review

Avoid cavities, gum disease, enamel wear, and more.

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Tooth Extraction

The removal of a tooth caused by pain, damaged decay or infections.

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Dental Implants

Replacement of missing teeth often to fill a hole in the mouth, if not treated it can lead to infections.

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