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Night Guards

Clinching or grinding of your teeth while sleeping is common among adults and adolescents. If you start to have headaches, tooth or jaw pain or are damaging your teeth, you might need a Night Guard. 

A Night Guard can be a thick or thin plastic protective device that creates a barrier between the upper and lower teeth, to help prevent tooth grinding or jaw joint disorders.

Dr. Lobb will start by taking an impression of your teeth, he will then create a durable customized mouth guard for you. This mouth guard protects you from the effects of grinding and clenching, which can cause damage to your teeth and or jaw. 


The following are just a few of the benefits of a custom night guard:

  • A better night’s sleep
  • Relieve in jaw tension and pain
  • Decreased chance of snoring
  • Helps to prevent tension headaches that are caused by jaw clenching while you sleep
  • Helps to save you money by preventing additional dental work

    Mouth Guards

    If you participate in athletic programs or recreational sports, you should protect your mouth. A custom, easy-to-wear mouth guard helps protect your teeth and jaw and helps minimize concussions.

    Mouth guards are worn over the top row of your teeth. Ideally, mouthguards should be replaced after each season as the mouthguard wears down over time. In addition, kids in their adolescents should have their mouthguards replaced frequently as their mouths and teeth continue to grow and change.


    The benefits of a custom mouthguard are:

    • A more comfortable fitcustom mouth guards are molded based on your teeth, ensuring a more secure and comfortable fit.


    • Easier to breathe and talk – custom mouth guards fit accordingly to your mouth. The precise make helps natural airflow and makes breathing and talking easier while wearing.


    • A better protection If any contact comes to your mouth, then a custom mouth guard evenly distributes the force across all your teeth, lowering the risk of a severe dental injury.

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