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Dental Veneers are ultra-thin layers of porcelain or composite resin that permanently bonded to the front of your tooth. Think of as covers for your teeth. Veneers can work wonders for any teeth that requires cosmetic correction. If you have any teeth that are deformed, damaged, smaller, or shorter than you like or an unsightly gap, veneers might help you achieve the perfect smile.


Reasons for Veneers

Wear and Tear
As we age, our teeth experience wear and tear and the enamel often look tired and worn. Some type of tooth enamel can wear out faster due to a genetic predisposition or consumption of certain types of soft drinks or medication. Veneers can breathe life into your smile and will help you appear more youthful and radiant.

Uneven Teeth
Teeth can appear uneven due to gnashing, grinding, or biting, porcelain veneers are an ideal solution to correct uneven teeth.

Tooth Discoloration
Stubborn stains and tooth discoloration may not be entirely treatable with teeth whitening treatment. In such cases, veneers can be a superior alternative.


After application Veneers require the standard maintenance and care like natural teeth. 


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