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Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is an insert that replaces a missing tooth or fills the gap between one or several missing teeth. A bridge is often described as two crowns (or more) that are cemented to the teeth on the either side of the gap. The bridge is built to match the exact shade and shape of your existing teeth. The goal of the bridge to improve your chewing and provide a natural look and support. 


Benefits of a Dental Bridge

Maintain the faces natural shape – When someone misses one of their teeth, their oral structure will usually begin to perish. Wearing a dental bridge decreases the rate at which these bones will disintegrate.

Help to prevent existing teeth from moving – a dental bridge can help keep a patient’s existing and natural tooth in place. Dental bridges replace a gap in your smile, meaning your natural teeth are less likely to drift or move and become loose.

Fast – Dental Bridges are one of the fasted tooth replacement options.

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